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Consumer Products

There are various effective ways to make a business’ consumer products more appealing to the end consumer: Expanding product portfolios, enhance customer relationships to achieve better customer centricity, continuously improving and introducing new innovations to your product line.

To meet these business challenges, The New Media Group delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, integrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for the consumer goods industry.

Consumer products solutions by The New Media Group:

One on one relationship:

Build a direct relationship with consumers. By 'getting connected,' you can better understand and predict consumer behavior and build the average lifetime value of your customers. By refocusing on a customer centric approach both the business and the customer benefit from an improved experience. These improved relationships, paired with increased customer behavior insight, will enable your business to achieve a higher level of sustainable growth.

Smarter Customer Collaboration:

Ensure that the right product is on the shelf at the right time. Achieve “Just In Time” inventory management and increase trade promotion effectiveness. Improve retail collaboration, distributor management and direct store delivery.

Smarter Supply Networks and Manufacturing:

Build smarter supply chains by accommodating advances such as downstream demand data and advanced predictive analytics.  Streamlining these processes will pay large dividends in saved resources, reducing costs and process “waste”.

Enterprise Information Management:

Monitor and adapt quickly to changing market, competitive and internal business conditions by integrating internal and external information, and by making this information accessible through customizable enterprise dashboards.

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