Business consulting

It is important for organization to understand its business goals and strategy, to analyze their current position in order to identify the processes that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Business intelligence

Our business intelligence product covers all aspects of online monitoring and analytics with the aim of maximizing your access to data that affects your company.

Organization and people

Enable innovation through collaboration, talent management, effective leadership and a transformed human resources function.

Social media strategy

We develop long term social media strategy and create guidelines, policies, and framework to measure your company’s success.

Social media management

We create and run social campaigns to build company’s social media presence and keep its reputation safe.

Social media monitoring

Our social media monitoring services range from traditional media monitoring and clipping services to comprehensive online media and conversation analytics.

Crisis Management

The crisis that strikes every type of business, industry, and non-profit entity is inevitable to any organization. We can crisis-proof your company’s reputation.

Reputation management

Online reputation management is the process of listening and responding to your customers and finding out your brand reputation across all types of online media.

Content strategy

Content strategies we offer make vibrant stories those can help you to upgrade your business from traditional PR to advanced marketing by making company news and executive updates easy for audiences to digest and share with their extended networks.

IT consulting

We offer IT consulting services those meet your company’s changing needs by shaping efficient, effective, and scalable IT infrastructure.

Website development

Our comfortable back end interface helps you update and manage your content easily. Reach your audience with understandable front end, while saving your time.

Custom programming

Our integrated custom programming services of strategy, process and technical expertise meet today’s most pressing business challenges that can decide whether a company can be competitive enough or not.

Enterprise mobility development

Our developers’ skills and keen interest in the opportunities offered by the mobile experience have produced many interesting projects both for consumer market and enterprise needs.

Mobile web development

Our mobile app developers proficient in responsive design concepts, who have successfully applied their HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge.

Mobile application development

Giving your customer an access to your products and services via smart phones, mobile devices, and tablets can help your business grow faster with the today’s widespread usage of PDAs.

Corporate identity

Our focus is the innovate your brand with an smart and effective brand identity that compliments the lifestyle of your target market and their experience with your product and services.

Graphic design

Our creative approach for product development with product concept generation and evaluation are based on our findings in the needs assessment phase.

Print design

Printing designs like brochures, business cards, banner are fundamental to make your business and organization look great and deliver its message loud and clear.

Website design

We offer creative, cutting edge designs and technological know-hows to deliver user centric solutions those meet your business objectives.

Photography services

We capture long lasting memories and remarkable images with customer service with value and excellence.

Video services

We offer various professional video services from multiple-camera studio and field production to editing as well as duplication services.

Corporate event

Our team of top corporate event organizers have full potential of organizing flawless events and allow optimal opportunity to build employee and client relationships, while alleviating the stress of work function or corporate entertainment.


We provide desired ambience for your event while effectively conveying your company’s message from sales conferences and award ceremonies to product launched and gala reception.

Store and product launch

For store and product launch, in-store displays, promotional materials, banners and more to your network of retailers, we ensure you a big success.

Market research

Our team of marketers and leading market research technologies are fully capable of delivering the actionable results you desire in quickly and cost effective way.

Organization cultural research

Organizational cultural research leads to better understanding of a diverse range of topics affecting consumers and organization decision making.

Consumer research

We discover your customer needs those you never knew through extensive market and customer research.


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