The New Media Group

The New Media Group is a social enterprise leading the way in Mongolia and across Asia as the Founding Certified B Corporation in the region. The New Media Group is made up of several subsidiary companies focusing on e-commerce, design, marketing and technology. As a social enterprise, which empowers human-centered business, our utmost goal is to create a positive and friendly corporate culture.

Additionally, The New Media Group has cultivated strong social engagement through its human-centered social responsibility programs and is dedicated to supporting nonprofits and international organizations who are working to help people in Mongolia and around the globe. is a full stack web & mobile app development company.

Through strategy planning, project management, design solutions, program development, security, and complete customer care we build custom websites that meets all your needs. is a digital commerce platform development company. As a team of experts, we offer the e-commerce consulting, creative design, development and consistent service to make your online shopping business successful.

Online marketing agency that specializes in all things digital. TiNK Digital creates experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. We combine creativity, strategic thinking, experiences and best production to deliver the results you desire.

Mandukhai Khatan LLC

The company “Mandukhai Khatan" has been set up in 1990 as a “Mandukhai" firm which manufacturing cosmetics production. Since its establishment the company has been manufacturing essential cosmetic products such as day and night creams, cleansers and hand creams.

During past years, the “Mandukhai khatan" had numerous achievements in improving its production line as well as in field of customer satisfaction. Nowadays the “Mandukhai khatan" produces more than 20 kinds of products enriched with valuable types of vitamins, biologically active resources, also concentrating on producing of naturally pure products, which contains sea buckthorn, horse milk (Mongolian traditional recipe), honey, aloe etc. is a subsidiary of The New media Group, specialized in creating logo and corporate identity. Our team of professionals will listen, understand, get the feel and values of your enterprise/brand and express genuine innovation and creativity in delivering a unique brand guidelines document comprises of logo, color and design scheme that will create a real, lasting visual identity for your business.

The New Media Marketing Agency

The New Media Marketing Agency is a digital marketing, social community engagement, and creative development firm. We design and implement new media marketing strategies to our clients to build and humanize their brand.

The New Media Marketing Agency was founded on June, 2010 and the company has been satisfying its customers with highly qualified new media marketing operations performed by the experienced professionals. We fully reflect the preference of our customers on the company operation and adhere to the mutual development policy.

We are planning to expand our operation and aiming at giving more complex service to our customers in order to make a real contribution towards the field of new media marketing.

The New Media Foundation

The New Media Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The New Media Group. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of corporate and social responsibility and are dedicated to promoting and supporting nonprofit and community organizations in Mongolia and around the world. We partner with nonprofit and community organizations to donate our skills and time in support of their work, including the work of our talented team at The New Media Group.

The mission of the New Media Foundation is to support nonprofit and community organizations in their work to improve our local communities. We are constantly on the lookout for potential new partners to work with in pursuit of these goals.


ERKHET.BIZ is a web-based accounting software developed by The New Media Group. As it was initially modeled for strengthening SMEs' financial literacy, ERKHET.BIZ is designed user-friendly and cost-effective so anyone can easily access and understand the main features, without needing any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. Systems range from a single user version to those that support hundreds of users simultaneously. Because ERKHET.BIZ is online, there is no download required. It is the most convenient way to handle all day-to-day financial tasks, as the user can begin using the system just by logging in from their chosen device wherever with internet access. Start by using our product with video tutorials and email support, to exclusive packages with bonus features including financial statements with official English translation, and more.

Компаниа бүрэн илэрхийлэх боломжийг CAREER.TODAY олгож байна


Looking for the best email marketing application to manage your email campaigns? The New Media Group is presenting our most in-demand email marketing and newsletter software - BUUKHIA.BIZ. We have been in business since 2010, specializing in the development of marketing based on a dynamic blend of creative and marketing technology platforms. BUUKHIA.BIZ currently creates, develops and supports email marketing services for a range of major clients in over 10 different industries nationwide including Terelj Hotel, Goyo Cashmere, Internom Book Store, Tengis Cinema, Mongolian Secret History chain resort, Bluefin & Akuma amongst others.

Hurungu Group is real estate and rental marketplace for equipped with smart search and save functions to save your time to find the your home. is a entertainment & leisure website with a set of useful web applications such as a handy English-Mongolian-English dictionary and a jokes, all developed by The New Media Group. Our team of developers devoted this website to encourage the internet users' most productive ways to spend time on the internet. At GOY.MN, you can create new flashcards to learn new English words and share with others, explore or add new jokes and riddles, and overall, invest your precious time to the activities worth spending time on. We will keep enriching the content of our website to make it your favorite place on the internet! is a new real estate and rentals marketplace website, developed within the scope of Welcome to Mongolia Initiative by The New Media Group. Our goal with this system is to provide construction vendors, listing agents, sellers and seekers with an easier and more time-efficient solutions to contacting each other, and to allow the visitors to browse from the most complete source of real estate information in Mongolia. Regardless of the length of your stay, we hope our system will get you connected with that one person who can help! is a news portal website, developed within the scope of Welcome to Mongolia Initiative by The New Media Group. The content of this website is for anyone who is interested in getting involved with Mongolia including investors, travelers, business partners and analysts. Our team devoted our energy and expertise to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, browsing the latest local updates on politics, business, finance, science, technology from our most trustworthy news source. is an online hub for all accountants in Mongolia to exchange ideas, experience and information. is an online hub for all human resources professionals in Mongolia to exchange ideas, experience and information.

Yaruu Setgegch is a Mongolian intellectual development community collaborating on various social activities, creation of corporate and organizational cultures and supporting motivational ideas. is an online community that inspires young women to dress and act confidently in their everyday lives and spend their freetime productively, successful lives they’ve always dreamed of through finance, fashion and beauty tips and many more. Segsgermaa is successfully operating since February, 2012 and became one of the well known website for women in Mongolia. founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing sports knowledge for young community in Mongolia and offer up-to-date sport updates for all sport fans. also frequently organizes sports game and events to encourage the new generation to spend their time actively.

Under the purpose of providing disabled people with protection from discrimination in the workplace, comfortable living environment and increasing the vacancies for disabled people and promoting the employers who support and hire disabled people and sending out the positive message about disabled people to the society, Bid Chadna website was first initiated by MACA and Tugeemel Hugjil Center. In 2013, Bid Chadna website established its non-government organization under the same name to promote Bid Chadna website and to help increase employment rate among the disabled.

Mongolian Marketing Association (MMA) was established in 1994 by the joint initiation of marketing professors, research institutions, and business entities to bring Mongolian Marketing development to the next level. Our mission is to facilitate development of marketing in all business and non-business sectors of Mongolia up to the standard achieved by developed countries. As the leading organisation for Mongolian marketing professionals, we strive to be the trusted resource and networking group for professional marketers and academics in Mongolia.

We partner many international Marketing organisations such as American Marketing Association, Asia-Pacific Marketing Federation, Marketing Institute of Singapore and are planning to expand our foreign relations further in the upcoming year.

We organise monthly discussion forums, training, and networking events for our members and find out more about us at

The Business Council of Mongolia (BCM) was founded in the fall of 2007 to promote increased trade and investment in Mongolia. BCM represents all investors in Mongolia, domestic and foreign, on business climate issues.

JCI Mongolia has its headquarter in Ulaanbaatar and its local chapters in Darkhan and Erdenet. JCI Mongolia has local chapters including Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet, Capital, Ikh Khuree, UB Central, Leader, Chairman, Eco, Nairamdal, Progress and Congress. JCI is expanding more and more which currently has more than 660 members and 120 senators around the world. During the last 23 years, JCI Mongolia has become one of the leading organization that has created top leaders.

TEDxUlaanbaatar NGO is non-profit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in Mongolia. Its speakers aim to present inspirational stories about the past, present, and future of Mongolia.

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups!

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

To determine the policy and direction of the government regarding SMEs in Mongolia and support them to improve the economy in Mongolia.

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