Certified B Corporation

The New Media Group is a social enterprise leading the way in Mongolia and across Asia as the Founding Certified B Corporation in the region. The New Media Group is made up of several subsidiary companies focusing on commerce, design, investment, marketing and technology. As a social enterprise, which empowers human-centered business, its utmost goal is to create a positive and friendly corporate culture.

Additionally, The New Media Group has cultivated strong social engagement through its human-centered social responsibility programs and is dedicated to supporting nonprofits and international organizations who are working to help people in Mongolia and around the world.

Why we became a B Corp

It is our lifelong mission to build businesses, support communities and solve environmental and social problems. We believe our commitment to make society a better place through running businesses and giving back to the community is perfectly in line with B Corp’s ultimate mission to encourage a better way of doing business.

The Change We Seek

We became the Founding B Corporation in Asia because we believe in the B Corporation movement and want to strengthen its growth throughout Mongolia and the rest of the world through our products and services.

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