Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan /Founder and President of The New Media Group/

Mend-Orshikh AmartaivanMend-Orshikh Amartaivan is a social entrepreneur and the Founder and President of The New Media Group which provides professional consulting services in several areas focusing on new media marketing, IT, logistics, and venture capital investments. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and possesses strong desire to create new solutions to social issues and then implement them on a larger scale to change society for the better.

Tuguldur Turbat /Vice President of The New Media Group and Communications & Media Relations/

Tuguldur TurbatTuguldur Turbat has years of experience in the field of marketing and he previously ran marketing research business. His company ran 18 marketing campaigns for international and domestic business organizations, conducted various marketing surveys for over 40 companies and did macro-level marketing researches in six fields. In addition, Tuguldur initiated “Marketing” magazine for the development of marketing in Mongolia and 16th edition of the magazine has recently been published. He makes tangible contribution to the development of marketing in Mongolia organizing discussions and workshops under the topic of “Marketing in Mongolia.” Tuguldur has experience in teaching Marketing and he is still a professor at the New Media Open University.

Batzaya Batsaikhan /CEO of The New Media Technology/

Batzaya BatsaikhanBatzaya Zack Batsaikhan is an entrepreneur, a Fulbright Scholar, and a passionate user experience designer with specialized experience in various digital platforms and was appointed the CEO of The New Media Technology, a subsidiary of The New Media Group, in November of 2011. Zack graduated from Mongolian University of Science and Technology with a BIT in 2009, received a diploma in Graphic Design, and earned a Multidisciplinary Studies Diploma at Virginia Tech in 2012. After several years of extensive industry experience, Zack is currently pursuing the MS degree in HCI with major concentrations including User Experience Design, Cognitive Psychology and Entrepreneurship, at Iowa State University where he is actively involved in Virtual Reality Application Center, ISU Fencing Club, and acts as the treasurer of Iowa State Fulbright Students Organization and representative of Iowa State Child Care Committee GPSS. He, also, is a member of US State Alumni and Mongolian Association of State Alumni. Zack's interest in entrepreneurship began early. This experience nurtured his desire for being part of, as well as founding, managing and motivating, a successful and productive teams. He contributed to countless projects in different fields as his past includes variety of jobs including UNDP Mongolia, MCS Group, consultant at Battour Travel Agency, instructor at Citi Institute and many leadership roles, such as CTO at The New Media Marketing Agency, Founder of Deifort LLC, Co-founder of Peepp, the winner of Startup Weekend Mongolia and ranked 9th in Global Startup Battle out of 50 countries from all over the world, and so forth. Being a passionate supporter of TED and a part of TEDxUlaanbaatar organizing team, he volunteered for TEDxUlaanbaatar 2011 and TEDxUlaanbaatar Challenge 2012. As he believes in cause and effect, Zack volunteers and devotes, as much time as he can, toward community and causes he cares about, such as animal welfare, children, civil rights, poverty, disaster and humanitarian relief. In his spare time he pursues more whimsical pursuits like skydiving, climbing, photography, filmmaking, fencing and poetry. Zack, also is an art and adventure enthusiast who fascinated by all facets of the earth and everything creative and flawless.

Batzorig Regzen /CEO of The New Media Creative Studio/

Batzorig RegzenBatzorig Regzen has eight years of experience in the field of graphic design. He took the first place in computer graphics section of an international contest Fish Eye in Mongolia. Batzorig worked as an organizer of women’s world chess championship. He has developed over 30 online design solutions. Batzorig has teaching experience in Computer Graphics and Design. He is also professor at the New Media Open University.

Luvsandorj Jamsranjav /CEO of The New Media Marketing Agency/

Luvsandorj Jamsranjav is a professional journalist. He has been studying personal development, personal branding and public relations for six years. During the period, he released 47 flimsies of “Yaruu Setgegch” newspaper and organized 90 lectures, 10 social campaigns and projects. Moreover, he released audio training albums “Eternal Inspiration” and “Waking Mongolia.” Luvsandorj organizes trainings and workshops to develop human resource at companies and organizations. Currently, he is working to develop corporate culture standard that fits for characteristics of Mongolians.

Luvsandorj works as a head of “Yaruu Setgegch” personal development institution and an advisor at Mongolian Eco Development Union and “Mind Freedom” training center.

Travis Hellstrom /CEO of The New Media Foundation/

Travis HellstromTravis Hellstrom just finished three years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Peace Corps Volunteer Leader in Mongolia, working as a health specialist in Sukhbaatar Province and in Ulaanbaatar with the World Health Organization. Travis also published the Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook, the first book to offer advice to people applying and serving as Peace Corps Volunteers and that also helps raise funds that go to Peace Corps projects worldwide. After meeting in late 2010, Mend-Orshikh and Travis founded TEDxUlaanbaatar together and collaborated to establish the New Media Foundation. Travis is a member of the New Media Group Advisory Board and is now working as a CEO of the New Media Foundation. He also writes weekly articles for everyday humanitarians who are changing the world at AdvanceHumanity.com.

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