Since 2004, we have been helping peole the world over to enjoy unforgettable adventures to our homeland, and we do it all with expertise and passion.

Because we’re so keen on helping people see the real Mongolia and benefit from all of our professional and personal experience, we recently made the decision to rebrand our business to better reflect what it is we do.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, we are now trading as Discover Mongolia! (formerly Discover Mongolia Travel), because that’s what we do. We take tourists on a journey of discovery, and while we may have a new name, we still offer the same unrivalled service and beautifully bespoke tours of a breathtaking nation.

But we do more than just organise tours and bespoke trips to Mongolia, we help people to experience the true beauty of a country which is steeped in history and culture and one which thrives on a more simple way of life. We want each and every visitor to leave having experienced a truly unforgettable journey and we do that every single time thanks to our focus on quality and service.


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