The company`s products and services focuse on social wellness of the public in general such as health, pension, college tuition etc. Within the above scope, the company has been introducing numerious products to the market that fit to needs of local business entities and indiviudals. As a non-compulsory long term insurer(Life Insurer), we believe that our services have been able fill the gaps of the compulsory service insurance provider and be the enhancer of such services that has been practiced in the country for the past decades.

To fullfill our promises to our policyholders we work in close cooperation with Munich Re, one of the most reputal reinsurance company globally and have been working countless hours to assure satisfaction of our clients for many years to come.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a financial instrument that protects you and your family`s financial wellbeing in the long term and in times of need due to sickness, accident , death. In other words, it is an investment vehicle that will assure financial safety of your future.

Importance of life insurance

Individuals can encounter unexpected but inevitable risks during their life time. A life can be lost and health can deteriorate causing immense financial stress for anyone. Life insurance can be a solution in times when the above situations occur to you and yourloved ones.

By having life insurance you will,

  • You will protect yourself and your family starrting from today into the future;
  • Financial investment for yourself and your family;
  • In the future you shall be protected against risks and financially sound;
  • Foundation of confidence and satisfaction in your future;


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