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The New Media Group Retreat

The New Media Group travelled to the Ertontsiin Agui sports lodge, located roughly 100 km from Ulaanbaatar city to organize the Autumn Sports Contest of The New Media Group on August 21st. After working hard through the summer season, The New Media Group team took 2 days to rest and had some fun together. They tried their hands in various new extreme sports games at the lodge including rock climbing and a high ropes course, with some sections over 8 meters in height. The team proved that fear is entirely in one's own mind; together the team learned to control their fear and work together to overcome challenges.

On August 22nd, The New Media Group traveled on to the Kharaa River for a full day of swimming. Also, they participated in a spirited round of Question-Answer-Question with Mungunshagai, from the development team, coming out on top. After the two day trip The New Media Group team felt rejuvenated with new energy and are now ready to rock the world!

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