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Goodbye Rachel & Jon!

For the past 3 months, Rachel Bromer and Jon Schmidt have been working as Global Fellows for The New Media Foundationdedicated to promoting and supporting nonprofit and community organizations in Mongolia and around the world. 

During their intern, they've been working hard on a new project to be launched soon by the The New Media Group. After an unforgettable summer, the time has come for them to continue on their journey and incorporate their knowledge and experience in completing their studies.


A wonderful letter from Rachel and Jon:

Dear Mende,

We had an absolutely unforgettable and amazing summer living and working in Mongolia! We sincerely appreciate you not only offering us a wonderful opportunity to work for you company, but also allowing us to share our knowledge and expertise. We have gained invaluable experience that has helped us grow professionally and personally. We have also enjoyed every opportunity to learn and experience Mongolian culture. I know we will never forget neither the company retreat, nor trying Airag. We really hope to incorporate our summer experience/ your company into either class discussion or school related assignments. 

We know we want to be abroad after graduation and will definitly keep Mongolia on our short list of places to look for full time employment. While we know the time difference will be difficult and we will be busy with school, we would really like to continue to help with anything related to the project or any other small initiatives that could use our extra set of hands.

Thank you very much for the summer.


Rachel & Jon

And thank you Rachel and Jon for spending an amazing summer with the New Media team!

For more information on their travels, please visit UNKNOWN TRAVELS.

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