Bishrelt group established as a "Bishrelt" LLC, trade and service company, in 1994. Since then, during past 19 years, we have expanded our business, today more than 1700 staffs working in our 14 subsidiary companies and we grown one of the biggest groups in Mongolia.

What is today's problem that we facing not only in Mongolia but in the whole world? And what we, Bishrelt group can do, how we contribute to solve this problem? These are the questions we, our team ask from ourselves and concern on every day, every hour of our activities. Therefore passing year by year we more realize our social responsibilities, defined our medium-term strategies, and on our every day routine we follow the direction, use the methods to love, to protect the mother earth, to solve the problems facing the society, such as poverty, unemployment and ecological issues.

Customers, consumers are our main partners of our business and they are part of our history. We highly respect their satisfactions. We keep pace with the global information era by using the administrative management in our production and service, providing accelerated and quality service, preferring the knowledge-based environment of transparency, paying special attention to the development of company's infrastructure and information technology, using the worldwide brand technologies and software in our activities.

Since we joined to the United Nation's Global Compact in 2004, we, "Bishrelt group" has started to work in compliance with its pre-figurative visions, informing them to public.

By its performance in business sectors and paid tax level, Bishrelt group was awarded by Mongolian government and the Mongolian national chamber of commerce and industry, as the "Best entity of Mongolia" in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and the Best of best entity of Mongolia in 2007, and 10 years successively awarded as One of "TOP-100" entities of Mongolia, which are proving our leading position in Mongolian market.


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