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Mongolians in group art show

Mongolians in group art show

Batbataar Khurelbaatar is an award-winning Mongolian artist who has recreated a lost world from the early 1900s in a series aptly called "Pinhole". Another set of works he is creating focuses on bells kept in Buddhist temples which pilgrims like to touch, believing it will bring them good luck. Batbataar won first prize in last year's Beijing Biennale. His extraordinary talent combines Mongolian script rendered in beautiful calligraphy with surprising colours and incredible attention to detail.

Denis Minh-Kim presents a series of extremely powerful works on paper which focus on Khmer boxing, waterfalls and kromas (Khmer fabric). In his signature pieces on Khmer boxing, he portrays two fighters, playing with timeframes to create multiple images. His work is chaotic and tense, while at the same time beautiful.

Nandin Erdene Budzagd is another artist from Mongolia. This is her second international group show; the first one was held in Phnom Penh this past June. Her collages are composed of an incredible collection of magazine cuttings which mainly create images of women _ who almost always bear at least one physical defect. Her series of paintings provide glimpses into the public and personal lives of her compatriots.


News source: Bangkok Post 


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